Tesla Coils Wiring

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Because of the high voltages found in a Charge & Primary sections it seems natural to look for cable with high voltage ratings, such as neon sign cable, medical X-ray equipment cable & car engine spark plug leads. The first two would be fine for connecting the NST to the spark gap but the spark plug leads are useless (too high a resistance). Howev

Tesla Coils Wiring
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er, you don`t need to spend lots of money on fancy HV cable because all sorts of ordinary wire would work too. All you need to do is think about insulation. For a circuit to work you need wires to conduct the electricity between the components. A bare piece of wire will do this perfectly but you now have the problem of wires accidentally touching and shorting out. Depending on the voltage being used you may also have the added risk of electrocution! Insulation is used to solve both these problems but for high voltages, like in a Tesla Coil, the cost of suitably insulated cable is high. The solution is to use ordinary low voltage cable, or bare wire, and use air as your insulatior (just like the big boys do with the National Power Grid!). All you need to do is to secure the wires in such a way that they cannot short against anything conductive and are at a safe distance from operator`s hands. All conductors, except for `superconductors`, resist the flow of current through them. The value of this resistance is determined by the material used for the conductor and by its size. As the cross-sectional area `a` gets smaller, or the length of the wire `l` gets longer, the resistance `R` increases. The higher the resistance the more electrical energy is used just in fighting against it. This causes power to be lost in the form of heat. Example: The heating element in an electric kettle uses wire with a high resistance to generate...

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