Clap Switch Circuit Project

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This is a simple electronics circuit of clap switch project. If you are a beginner electronics learner, and love to get new project experiment then this is a great circuit for you. This circuit can on/off a 220V electronic device like fan, lamp by the sound of clap. As shown in the circuit a very few number of parts is used including relay, transf

Clap Switch Circuit Project
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

ormer, condenser microphone, few transistor, a lamp etc. Lamp is used as a testing device; here another device could be use like fan, calling bell, radio etc. A small microphone (MIC) detects the clap sound and converts into electrical signal. Which is amplified by Q1 (here Q1 used as a common emitter amplifier). Amplified signal goes into the Bistable Multivibrator section made by two transistors Q2 and Q3. When we apply a trigger to the Bistable Multivibrator circuit with a clap sound then, if Q2 is on, Q3 gets switched off. Thus, the circuit remains stable in a single state continuously. At the moment if we trigger with another clap sound the two states will flip-flop with Q2 switched off and Q3 switched on. The circuit will remain stable continuously until we apply the next trigger. Relay gets triggered from the output of current-amplifier (Q4) which is used to amplify the flip-flop signal. Relay is kind of electromagnetic switch, which is used to controlling other high voltage (AC) electrical appliance (Load in our circuit) with this low voltage (DC) clap switch.

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