Clap Switch Circuit using NE555 timer IC

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Here is one of the interesting 555 timer circuits to trick your friends while studying electronics in schools. Clap switch circuit is the local name of sound controlled flip flops. This sound controlled light can also be used as sound detection sensors. Flip flops are single bit storage elements. NE555 timer IC is the important part of this circuit

Clap Switch Circuit using NE555 timer IC
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

. Here NE555 is configured in monostable multivibrator mode and is connected to the clock input of a 7474 D flip flop. The flip flop is connected to work in Toggle` mode. The relay circuit is energized by a 7474 flip flop. You can connect any electrical/electronic device at the output instead of the electrical bulb used here. Below is the electronic circuit diagram and working of the clap light switch. Output of the 555 is connected to clock input of D-flip flop (IC 7474). It is a -ve edge triggered flip flop. When the Monostable output goes to zero, flop-flop`s output Toggles. That is (For time being consider flip-flop out is zero), for the 1st -ve transition output of the flip-flop goes to high and for the next -ve edge, output will be low. It will continue for successive -ve edges

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