Connecting an MSP430 to ADS1248 via SPI

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Unfortunately we do not have a direct example for you to run on IAR at this time. However I should be able to help you get things going. What MSP430 are you using Are you mostly concerned about setting up the SPI or reading and writing the device In a previous project achieved successfully communicate with an AD7793 (Analog Device) via SPI. Now I

Connecting an MSP430 to ADS1248 via SPI
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want to change the ADC by the type of application, and chose the ADS1248. I can use the application note: sbaa121 "Interfacing the ADS1241 to MSP430 Processors" The code example you mentioned should get you started. Obviously the header definition will be different as the register set is different. Also, some of the commands/functions might not be compatible with IAR as the project was written for GCC, but it should be mostly ok. Let me know if you have specific questions about getting things to work and I`ll be glad to help you through them. It looks like your settings are correct assuming you are connected to REF0 for your reference. Can you send me scope shots of your communication just to verify your communication is correct Have you read back your register values after setting them to make sure they are what you expect The other thing is to verify that you are actually getting good connections to the ADS1248. Can you send me a picture of your setup Something else seems to be wrong. You should read different values (like full-scale) if you don`t have a reference voltage. I would verify my communication to the device with an oscilloscope. Your data should be stable on the falling edge of SCLK. I suspect you have communication issues. Are you able to read the registers and verify the contents have been written as you would expect Can you send me a code snippet of how you are setting up the USCI peripheral I can`t find...

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