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Posted on Feb 4, 2014

I read Doug Grant`s article regarding Heathkit in his Blog via the EDN Network. Doug reminisced about building his first Heathkit and how much he learned. He suggested that every EE had at least one kit and I suspect he is right. However, as Doug pointed out, Heathkit eventually faded away. I built a number of kits, including an oscilloscope, a so

Custom Silicon Solutions
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lid-state FM tuner and amplifier and a color TV. All worked fine and found lots of use. But the real advantage was the first-hand learning experience & knowledge gained in building the kits. The building instructions were always clear and the circuit operation explanations were my first real learning experience in electronics. Just learning how to solder was a valuable experience! Doug`s Blog provides a link to someone who may be considering offering the kits again and he also offers his suggestion for a new kit. A lot of comments follow the Blog offering individual experiences with Heathkit and related suggestions. I feel that they offered an excellent product for that time period and I am glad I had the opportunity to learn by building their kits. CSS Engineers have teamed with Sarnoff/SRI in the design of a CMOS image sensor that is slated to be aboard the Naval Research Laboratory s Solar Orbiter Heliospheric Imager (SoloHI). This work is a continuation of a long teaming relationship with Sarnoff, having completed 16 earlier tape-outs  of new designs. This will be the first time such a large format APS detector has flown. The instrument will make high-resolution images of the corona and solar wind, including coronal mass ejections (CMEs), to determine how they propagate and interact with the background solar wind. With its large field of view, SoloHI will be able to connect the remote sensing observations of the...

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