DIY LED Tachomter (RPM gauge)

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Each one can drive 10LEDs in either bar mode like this project or dot mode. Switching between both modes can be done, more instructions in datasheet. 21 LEDs of any color you want. I used bright white ones. You can use some green, some yellow & some red for the red zone. You MUST use bright ones if you are planning to put paper covers over the LEDs

DIY LED Tachomter (RPM gauge)
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or they are going to be simply invisible Not really sure. You can download the PDF datasheets of both & compare to see weather it`s possible to replace LM2917 with LM2907 & what changes should be made to the circuit hi sir, I am working for FSAE. I need RPM meter for my FSAE car. Can you tell me what kind of input from that Ignition coil Is that circuit is correct make it sure. I tried many times. But it was not working. can u mail me exact circuit. Do you Seriusly works for FSAE The circuit works, not as perfect as it is showed in the video in my case, but it works. I dont know how the input signal is, but i guess that it is a square signal that increases in frecuency as the RPM increase. This circuit works BUT need some adjust. I will take a look over the circuit and see how to impruve it because now it is almost working in my case. My issues could be caused by voltage provided for the coil and the power supply provided for the tachometer. I am finaly done with this projekt but on my first test led 0 is on and all looks good but, when i start the car led 1 goes on and only change in brightnes when i change the RPM. Any idG©e whats wrong I have 2 meter cable betwen the circuts and the Led s, might that be the problem Will appreciate any answer. Now after some time. i started to look at this project again and i see that i have a 2, 2Kohm Trimpot not 220Kohm. Ordered one and will se if this fix the problem. i am having this...

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