DMX Controlled Theatrical Phone Ringer

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

A four channel DMX512 controlled ringer. The Mk 3 will also incoporate a ringing supply generator, and thus be reproducible by others not in posession of the BT ringing supply Number 7. The ringer is microprocessor controlled, using a Parallax Propeller based chip, specifically the Spin Stamp, part number SSC1-IC, which is a 24 pin packaged processor with just the right amount of I/O for this project.

DMX Controlled Theatrical Phone Ringer
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Spin Stamp Data Sheet. The actual Propellor data sheet and free development software is available from the Parallax web site, . Unfortunately, and most annoyingly, Parallax have discontinued the particular part as used in this project as of about August 2012. Parallax - sometimes, you suck. There are many other Propellor chip options, but the Spin Stamp is highly cost and size effective. This ringer does not actually generate the ringing voltage, as I have a genuine British ringing generator No. 7, which provides the (approx) 50VAC at 25Hz. However, it would not be difficult to add this to the ringer, and some notes on this are given later. The table below describes the DMX channel rage requirements for the ringer; it is assumed that these would be coded into a personality into a moving light capable consoole, or perhaps as memories on a conventional desk. "Battery" refers to the line being powered when not ringing. If someone picks up a phone while the battery is on, they will hear themselves speaking like on a normal phone. With battery off the phone appears to be dead. The battery is always on while the phone is ringing to detect when the phone is picked up, but for theatrical use, its generally best that the battery is off, so as not to throw the actor. When a phone is commanded to ring, it will ring until the phone is picked up. Once the handset is replaced, the phone will not ring again until the function changes. SO...

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