Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This system is a Drag Race timing system centered around a micro-controller. The system consists of the Christmas Tree (the three yellows, the green and red lights), the fault sensor (checks to see if a racer started racing before the green light), the finish line which stops the running timer, and the display (which shows the time). The micro-con

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troller is used to track the racers time final time, calculate the avg. speed for the 1/4 mile and then display it. The timing circuit is accurate to the hundredths of a second, and the speed display shows the avg. speed over the 1/4 mile track based upon the 1/4 mile time in whole miles/hour. To show that complicated systems can be controlled by inexpensive micro-controllers. This project was completed to prove the feasibility of a full blown drag race timing system being controlled by a simple micro-controller. If a processor with more memory was used for a full scale project a second lane could have easily been added. This particular micro-controller and board costs less than $100. The sensors run about $200 per complete set. The AB sensor`s I used for this project do not necessarily need to be used. An equally accurate, and less expensive option would be advisable if this system were ever to go to production. These are readily available, but a different type of sensor would most likely be used on a full scale unit. This demonstration display shows that a complicated system can be managed very accurately for less than $500. This project was built using an HC11 EVBU (Evaluation Board) with a Motorola M68HC11E9 52-Pin PLCC/CLCC Processor with the standard 512 bytes of EEPROM. In addition to the HC11, two Allen Bradley sensing units were acquired. These specific units are not necessary for this project as other sensing...

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