PQR10A type magnetic disk control panning control circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

By master controller LKl-12/90 and a magnetic disk control PQR10A composed of a control circuit. Cam control device SA contact closure is shown in Table 8-5. The main electrica

PQR10A type magnetic disk control panning control circuit
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l effect: osi power switch; os2 control circuit switch; KM3, KMz control reversing contactors, with mechanical and electrical interlocks between them. KA zero pressure relay, motor starting voltage protection and zero protection effect; KI-, KI2 overcurrent relay, the motor from overload, short circuit protection; so as to rise from the lifting mechanism limit switches. YA brake contactor, starting the motor mechanical braking action. Reverse contactor KM5, KMs and accelerate contacts KM7 ~ KM1., Or access to short circuit in the electric rotor powerful horse, of the motor speed. Master controller SA to issue instructions, the motor for a variety of operating or braking. It handles 13 Location: on the rise, decline of 6 gear, there is a zero gear. Its 12 pairs of contacts on different gear closed case from the table marked out.

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