Design of a kind of simple and practical telephone alarm system

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

At present, it is numerous to adopt the telephone line as long-range control and alarm system of the transmission medium, associated too more research [1, 2 ]. This kind of system is generally made up of alarm device and calling the police to accept the receiving arrangement, computer of the centre etc. in the user. The alarm equipment finishes ju

Design of a kind of simple and practical telephone alarm system
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dgement and machine format conveyance of automatic offhooking, dialing, telephone Signal Tone, realized automatic offhooking, signal demodulating and decoding by the receiving end, these systems require reliability to be high, with steady characteristic. After the alarm monitor computer receives the subscriber station`s warning message through the modem, exploit the CID business offered by telecommunication department, can draw information such as telephone number, warning date, time through appropriate programming, can call out more FYI from the database according to the information, so can simplify the hardware circuit of the receiving end, lower costs, improve reliability, can make sure to make the attenbant understand more warning message at the same time, is suitable for inquiring in the future too. The alarm system that this text designs is simple and practical, after the computer software adopts the visual software VB programming, control the end and operate making it more convenient and the function is abundant. This alarm system can be applied to departments such as the local police station, savings bank, chain supermarket, etc. When warning probe have image output, warner drive pluck the electromechanical way to pay the Simulated Off-Hook, and find whether there are trunk tones in the telephone line, if there is no trunk tone, then offhooking again after the on hook, until there are trunk tones. Dialed and called...

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