dvi to par digital video interface with lcd

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Unfortunatately this only provides 1. 8v signals and still needs a converter to interface to the 3. 3v signals most raw LCD use. The main components is the TFP101A. I got mine as a free sample from TI. Also visible in this picture is the fact that only the upper 6 of the 8 color bits available on the dvi2par are being used. It`s important to make sure that the upper bits are being used if the display supports less than 24 bit

dvi to par digital video interface with lcd
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color depth. Also visible in the image is the fact that a tiny wire goes from pin 8 of the TFP101A to some other parts on the board is mounted on. Pin 8 carries the SCDT signal which indicates that a valid signal has been detected in the input. In this example the signal is routed to the backlight inverter and makes sure that the backlight is only switched on if a valid HDMI signal is being received. EDID/DDC support The dvi2par also includes an optional i2c eeprom which is meant to allow to use the dvi2par on hosts other than the beagleboard which support to use a displays ddc/edid configuration. However, this part has only been verified to be operational and to be usable on a standard linux desktop PC. But since this part is not necessary on a beagleboard, it isn`t tested to all detail. In order to use it, you need to build an EDID description for your particular display using e. g. the Phoenix EDID designer 1. 3 (A windows software which runs fine in wine). The output of this editor needs then to be programmed into the dvi2par ddc eeprom. The jumper JP1 has to be set to enable writing the eeprom. The i2c port of the hdmi connector then needs to be connected to some linux controlled i2c hardware like e. g. my i2c-tiny-usb. Below is an image of my i2c-tiny-usb based adptor used to write the ddc eeprom on the dvi2par. All remaining parts have been bought in germany from Reichelt and Conrad. The part numbers are: Part Qty...

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