Design on the basis of the mechanically controlled digital frequency meter of one piece

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Its basic function is frequency and cycle of the measuring signal, the application of the frequency counter is in a very large range, it is not merely applied to general simple instrument measurement, and apply to other fields such as teaching, scientific research, high-accuracy instrument measuring, industrial control extensively. With the rapid development of microelectronic technology and

Design on the basis of the mechanically controlled digital frequency meter of one piece
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computer, especially appearance and development of the one-chip computer, make the traditional electronic measuring instruments all change greatly in such aspects as principle, function, consumption, reliability. At present, there is digital frequency meter of various multi-function, high precision, high frequency on the market, but the price is high. In order to meet the need of the real work, consideration of this text is with the one-chip computer AT89 S52 It is a kind of frequency counter designed as the display block in the control platform and a 1602ALED display unit, design the measuring frequency of adopting the way of timing, counting entirely, not only feasible, and small, low cost, low power consumption, the high, very automatic quantum of precision is changed, of good security, the design is simple, have reduced the design cost and realized complexity greatly. The hardware circuit of the frequency counter is drawing with PRIT EL graphics software, the partial one-chip computer control procedure of software, regarded KELL-51 as the developing instrument to write with the assembler language, but the realization of the frequency counter was to select imitating with Proteus simulation software and test, through debugging synthetically finally, can realize all functions required, totally meet the request of designing this time. The traditional frequency measurement instrument is very large in volume, consume big...

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