Device that it is self-running

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

If the input is coming from, say, a Function Generator`s typical output clipleads, then the `black` lead or `-` or `ground` is connected to the circuit`s ground. From the Pin 3 of a 555 timer. ditto, the timer`s ground must be common with the circuit`s ground. This forms a current path. If the ground reference leads of some other, line-connected instrument like an unisolated oscilloscope

Device that it is self-running
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is connected elsewhere in the circuit. now you have a ground-loop that might also carry power into the circuit from the FG or even from the mains. It looks like Mr. Clean has disconnected merely the positive pole of the battery alone, from the video, and that the negative battery pole remains attached to the circuit. Does the schematic ground indicate an Earth ground as well Is it plausible that ground currents may account for the effect Irregardless, this has to be the most exciting video of all time. From what I understand the ‰ 1kHz waveform comes from that 555 astable multivibrator and the LM393 comparator that is powered by the device itself. See the updated diagram in my 1st post. the inverter battery (commercial inverter) was grounded and when I moved it away from the battery my circuit was attached to the effect faded with distance. At about 4:30 in the video I disconnect the input power to the circuit and the noise continues, enough to light an LED. I think it had something to do with the old scope as well. I have a new one now. Anyway it wasn`t free energy or zipon`s. The voltage was about 13. 5 volts. When I shot the video I was still investigating it. I lit the LED with it later then discovered the battery thing after that. It was strange but that is why the clever guys like Tinsel Koala and the likes are here to help work through these things. I had to work it out for myself. But my first impression was...

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