Energy Saving Night Light circuit

Posted on Jun 2, 2012

The lamps are usually used as ballast or electronic ballast inverter. Here it is used to reduce voltage capacitor reactance. Interesting is also the method of ignition of the auxiliary electrodes involved over 150 Ohm resistors. To start simply involve only one, but the lamp is switched on for longer blinks. Filament is not used and are short-circuited. The operation is relatively low-voltage fluorescent tubes, it looks like it worked pretty well and easy to drive on battery power. The drive would only have to load a relatively large supply voltage, or fluorescent lights.

Energy Saving Night Light circuit
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

In a fluorescent lamp had capacity of 430 nF capacitor and the voltage was only 200 V. The second had a capacity of 470 nF and a voltage of 250 V. In any case, the capacitor should be at AC 250 V or 400 V DC at least I wonder how long used Capacitors can withstand before it breaks or shorted out and burns down the entire system?

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