Discolight effect with bass beat control using PIC

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The PIC can control the motor after every beat or its possible to bypass some beats. It can be done by pushbuttons. Rotation speed and rotation length can be adjusted too. Settings are limited between values to prevent possible register overflow-underflow. These values are saved in EEPROM so after shut-down the settings dont lost. A beat consist o

Discolight effect with bass beat control using PIC
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f a series of vibrations (dont know the correct English word for that-sorry) so the PIC gets a few interrupts. To prevent multi-triggering theres a counter written into the code which disables reaction to beat for 200msecs after the first interrupt. 180msec delay is enough if you are using amplifiers output (or line out) as music source. I had to increase it to 200msec because i use microphone and the rooms echo influences operation. After you successfully built the whole hardware you need to adjust the trimmers very precisely. If you dont experiment a few times with adjusting them then its possible that the PIC will not recognise every beat because of the small amplification level. Or, it will do several things at only one beat. So you have to find the best adjustment. The original circuit which converts bass beat into pulses is from Dan Fraser (updated by Tomi Engdahl ). I only replaced the line-out control with microphone and removed the 555 circuitry because of the software solution. The very-own in this project is the software for the PIC microcontroller. Because of the AGC circuit theres no need for potentionmeters for sensitivity adjust. I replaced them with trimmers. Now the microphone is on the control electronics because theres no need to place it outside the box and the possible noises from the surroundings are reduced. You have to choose the distance between Lens-Lamp-Parabola to get sharp beams. Its all about...

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