Electronic Horn

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Electronic horn circuit diagram. When power line is switched on, a general/basic tone is produced by transistor T2 and transformer X1, that is frequency-modulated by the wandering voltage generator, which, in turn, is affected by the low-frequency squarewave generator. This is an easy, low cost and easy built circuit of an electronic horn which is

Electronic Horn
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designed close to quadruple op-amp IC LM3900 (IC1). IC LM3900 has four independent operational-amplifiers (A1 through A4) having a large output voltage swing. It is able to operate at up to 32V DC. The 1st op-amp (A1) is designed. This is really a very simple home telephone ring tone generator circuit which is built with applying only several electronic components / parts. It generates simulated telephone ring tone and requires only DC supply with 4. 5V DC to 12V DC voltage. One may possibly use this circuit in ordinary intercom or phone-type intercom. The sound. This is Electronic Siren circuit diagram. The sound produced imitates the rise and fall of an American police siren. When first switched on the 10u capacitors is discharged and both transistors are off. When the push button switch is pressed to 10u capacitor will charge via the 22k resistor. This voltage is applied to the. All sounds in this circuit are generated by HT2884. There are 8 different sound effect can be produced that are 2 lazer guns, 1 dual tone horn sound, 2 bomb sounds, 2 machine gun sounds and a rifle shot sound. Note: Power is a 3 Volt battery, but the IC will work with any voltage. The following diagram is the schematic diagram fo Car Horn, you may try this circuit for your car modification. :) Components List: R1 = 68K R2 = 2K2 R3 = 56K R4 = 3K3 R5, R6 = 4K7 R7 = 10K Pot/trimpot C1, C2 = 22nF C3, C5 = 100nF C4 = 1nF C6 = 220 µF/25V IC1, IC2 =....

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