FM Wireless Mike

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

FM wireless Mike is a small electronic project based on a radio transmitter. It is a wonderful idea to make a wacky talky through which you can talk to your friend, next door. Just speak or play into the microphone and you ’ll broadcast to an FM receiver at distances up to 50 feet (maybe 100 feet if the wind is right). Use a standard FM radio to r

FM Wireless Mike
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eceive the sound. Microphone Preamplifier is a simple audio amplifier. Transistor Q1 is operated in Voltage Divider Mode. We use a dynamic microphone in the amplifier. The small alternating current produced in the microphone is amplified and fed in to the FM transmitter. FM transmitter is a tuned collector radio frequency oscillator. The coil and trimmer is in parallel tank circuit. We specify the value of trimmer and size of the coil such that the resonant frequency will be near 88-108 MHz (in the FM radio Band). The oscillator oscillates with a constant resonant frequency and we can change the operating frequency by changing the trimmer capacitance. This frequency is the center frequency of the FM. If we want the FM as a modulation we have to apply the modulating signal (audio signal from amplifier) to the base of the transistor of the oscillator. We all know the base-emitter junction acts like a diode. If we apply the signal the voltage across the junction will change and this particular transistor have some property of changing base capacitance according to the applied input voltage. Thus we change the capacitance which is in series with the resonant tank circuit causing a change in operating frequency. This is actually the FM modulation. Now the modulated signal will be transmitted via a small radio antenna.

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