Fixing Laptops Motherboard

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

I managed to break my laptop, by reversing the polarity of a universal power supply. The repair shop diagnosed the problem as a failed motherboard, and asked for ‚¬659 to replace it. I found the price preposterous and the notion of throwing away a motherboard for a single failed component ecologically unsound. Here is how I fixed the

Fixing Laptops Motherboard
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laptop on my own, and what I learned in the process. Thankfully, I was quickly able to find a service manual. The trouble shooting guide quickly led me toward the same direction as that of the repair shop: "Replace the motherboard". However, the manual also provided me the exact 28-step sequence for extracting the motherboard. It involved removing more than 40 screws, unseating about a dozen connectors, and separating a similar number of parts. Lesson 2 Keep notes on which screw belongs to which part. Place screws on paper sheets numbered by the step on which you removed them. This will help you reassembling the chaos into one working piece. Lesson 3 Release connectors before pulling flat cables. Usually you pull a retaining part out or up. Be careful, flat cables and their connectors are very fragile. Locating the problem on the motherboard proved a lot more difficult. When I was young I remember consumer electronics, like tape recorders, coming with their circuit diagram as part of their documentation. I was fascinated by them. Later those diagrams got relegated to service manuals. The technical reference manual of the original IBM PC contained the detailed circuit diagram of every part. Sadly, all my laptop`s service manual offered was a, useless for my purposes, block diagram. This last strategy proved easy to follow, once I located the key components used for the power supply subsystem: a power supply controller and a...

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