HIP6302V Microprocessor CORE Voltage Regulator Multiphase Buck PWM Controller

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The HIP6301V and HIP6302V control microprocessor core voltage regulation by driving up to four synchronous-rectified buck channels in parallel. Multiphase buck converter architecture uses interleaved timing to multiply ripple frequency and reduce input and output ripple currents. Lower ripple results in fewer components, lower component cost, redu

HIP6302V Microprocessor CORE Voltage Regulator Multiphase Buck PWM Controller
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ced power dissipation, and smaller implementation area. The HIP6301V is a versatile two to four phase controller and the HIP6302V is a cost-saving dedicated two-phase controller. The HIP6301V and HIP6302V are exact pin compatible replacements for their predecessor parts, the HIP6301 and HIP6302. They are the first controllers to incorporate Dynamic VID technology to manage the output voltage and current during on-the-fly DAC changes. Using Dynamic VID, the HIP6301V and HIP6302V detect changes in the VID code and gradually change the reference in 25mV increments until reaching the new value. By gradually changing the reference setting, inrush current and the accompanying voltage swings remain negligibly small. Intersil offers a wide range of MOSFET drivers to form highly integrated solutions for high-current, high slew-rate applications. The HIP6301V and HIP6302V regulate output voltage, balance load currents and provide protective functions for two to four synchronous-rectified buck converter channels. These parts feature an integrated high-bandwidth error amplifier for fast, precise regulation and a five-bit DAC for the digital interface to program the 0. 8% accuracy. A window comparator toggles PGOOD if the output voltage moves out of range and acts to protect the load in case of over voltage. Current sensing is accomplished by reading the voltage developed across the lower MOSFETs during their conduction intervals....

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