PRUBY Documentation

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The PRUBY module that provides a PLL interface for rubidium frequency references such as the LPRO-101 and FRS-C products manufactured by EFRATOM Ball, Inc. The module conditions the ten megahertz (MHz) signal from the reference and provides both a square wave reference output and a frequency-multiplied output. The multiplied output is phase-locked

PRUBY Documentation
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to the reference input and can be set with on-board jumpers to 2, 2. 5, 3, 3. 33, and 4 times the reference input signal (e. g. , 10 MHz). The module can be used to condition, lock and multiply other input frequencies, provided that the module limits are met. Input voltages are typically 1 Volt Pk-Pk. Other module features include an on-board 3. 3 Volt regulator for the PLL chip, a 3. 3 Volt output and a FET driver for an LED (e. g. , for a lock indicator). An on-board zener diode can be enabled to support higher power supply voltages such as those typically available from rubidium references. The following describes the design, construction, operation and use of a module that provides a PLL interface for a rubidium frequency reference (PRUBY). The primary use of PRUBY is to condition the ten megahertz (MHz) signal from a rubidium reference oscillator and provide a frequency-multiplied output that is locked to the reference. The PRUBY module was designed for use with with the LPRO-101 and FRS-C rubidium frequency reference modules manufactured by EFRATOM Ball, Inc. The PRUBY module consists of a PLL chip and a voltage regulator that converts the input reference signal to a logic level and multiplies it according to on-board jumper settings. The PLL multiplied output, typically 25 MHz, can be used as a stable phase-locked output that is referenced to the input source. The module`s PLL can be used for other applications...

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