Hextor Hexapod Robot

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

circuit multiprogs 1 BOS tx con 0 `pin serial to BOS processor 0 BOSrx con 1 `pin serial from BOS processor 4 epower con 2 `pin high turns on power to electronics 2 BOShalt con 3 `pin high halts current BOS move 3 BOSbusy var in4 `pin BOS processor busy => high 5 irrx con 5 `pin infra red comms in, i96n 6 lcdtx con 6 `pin to send

Hextor Hexapod Robot
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to LCD 7 lcdrx con 7 `pin to receive from LCD 8 Rled con 8 `pin high turns on right green led 9 Lled con 9 `pin high turns on left red led outRled var out8 `pin high turns on right green led outLled var out9 `pin high turns on left red led 14 ustx con 14 `pin ultrasonic commands, i96n 15 usrx con 15 `pin ultrasonic data in, i96n

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