Hv440: High Voltage Ring Generator

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The HV739 is a monolithic single channel, high-speed, high voltage, ultrasound transmitter pulser. This integrated, high performance circuit is in a single, 5x5mm, 32-lead QFN package. The HV739 CAN deliver up to a ±3. 0A source and sink current to a capacitive transducer. It is designed for the ultrasound material inspection NDT and medical ultra

Hv440: High Voltage Ring Generator
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sound imaging applications. It CAN also be used as a high voltage driver for other piezoelectric or capacitive MEMS transducers, or for ATE systems and pulse signal generators as a signal source. HV739 ½ ½s circuitry consists of controller Logic circuits, Level Translators Gate driving Buffers and a high current and high voltage MOSFET output stage. The output stages of each channel are designed to provide peak output currents over ±3. 0A for pulsing, with up to ±80 volt swings. Two‚oating 12VDC power supplies referenced to VPP and VNN supply the P- and N-type power FET Gate drivers. The upper limit frequency of the pulser waveform is 35MHz depending on the load capacitance. The HV739 CAN also be used as a damping circuit to generate fast return-to-zero waveforms by working with another HV739 as a pulsing circuit. It also has built-in under-voltage and over-temperature protection functions. This demo board data sheet describes how to use the HV739DB1 to generate the basic high voltage pulse wave- form as an ultrasound transmitting pulser. The HV739 circuit uses the DC coupling method in all Level Translators There are no external coupling capacitors need- ed. The VPP and VNN rail voltages CAN be changed rather quickly, compared to a high voltage capacitor gate-coupled driving pulser. This direct coupling topology of the Gate driv- ers not only saves two high voltage capacitors per channel, but also makes the PCB layout...

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