I have a 315bl excavator. Engine intermittently shut off on

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

A 315bl excavator. Engine intermittently shut off on its own, but will start back up without a problem. Now machine will not shut off when key is off, happens every day now. I sometimes have to choke off air intake to shut down. most of the time the engine will restart then shut off. (1) Disconnect switch. (2) Batteries. (3) Power circuit.(4) Breaker 1. (5) Main relay. (6) Fuse box. (7) Low current circuit. (9) Cigar lighter.

I have a 315bl excavator. Engine intermittently shut off on
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(10) Starter control relay. (11) Starter switch. (12) Neutral start switch. (13) Cab heater. (14) Air conditioner. (15) Lights. (16) Windshield wiper. (17) Windshield washer. (18) Start/stop circuit. (19) Starter motor. (20) Starter relay. (21) Alternator. (22) Horn. (23) Controller. (24) Switch panel. (25) Shut down solenoid. (26) Heater control unit. (27) Glow plug. (28) Charging circuit. (29) Timer relay. (30) Neutral start relay. (31) Battery breaker. (32) Breaker 2. (33) Breaker 3. (34) Fan relay. (35) Shut down timer. (36) Heater relay. This circuit supplies power to electric components and includes battery (2), disconnect switch (1), battery breaker (31), breaker 1 (4), breaker 2 (32), breaker 3 (33) and main relay (5). This circuit starts/stops the engine and includes starter control relay (10), starter motor (19), starter relay (20), timer relay (29), starter switch (11), shut down solenoid (25), neutral start relay (30), neutral start switch (12) and shut down timer (35). Some machines are equipped with starting aid for cold weather starting purposes. The start aid circuit consists of glow plug (27), heater control unit (26) and heater relay (36). This circuit distributes power to several low current components. By operating switch panel (24), this circuit puts on lights (15) installed at chassis, cab and boom. Also, this circuit controls continuous or intermittent operation of the windshield wiper (16). (2)...

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