Infra Red Switchs

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Any `button` of any remote control may be used to work this universal switch. The button must be pressed for two seconds (determined by R3 and C2) before the relay will operate. Once operated the circuit will remain in this state (latched) until reset. To reset, any button is pressed and held for the delay. For example, if you were watching TV, an

Infra Red Switchs
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d your set was tuned to Channel 3, you could press and hold the TV remote controls channel 3 button for two seconds. That way the TV viewing would not be affected and the relay would activate. You can connect anything to the relay, for example a lamp, but make sure that the relay contacts can handle the rated voltage and current. IC1 is an Infra Red module. IR modulated pulses are received and buffered by this IC. It has a standard TTL output, the output with no signal is logic 1. One gate of a CMOS inverter and drives Red LED1 as a visible switching aid. Another gate buffers the signal and applies it to the time constant circuit, comprising R3, C2, R4 and D1. C2 charges via R3, and discharges via R4, D1 prevents quick discharge via the low output impedance of the CMOS buffer. The pulses are further buffered and contain "jaggered edges" as shown above. These edges are produced by the modulated IR data, which has to be removed. This is achieved using IC3, a 555 timer wired as a monostable, pulse duration R5, C4. These cleanly reconstructs a single clean pulse to activate the bistable latch. A D type flip flop, IC4 is configured as a bistable. The input is applied to the clock pin, the inverted output fed back to the data input and clear and preset lines are tied to ground. For every pulse the relay will operate and latch, the next pulse will turn off the relay and so on. Note that quick turn on and off of the relay is not...

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