Interlock and connect DC DC converter scheme in parallel

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Can reduce the electric current ripple on the Filtering capacitance greatly while adopting this kind of structure, thus has reduced and filtered the size of inductive magnitude and whole DC-DC converter greatly. This kind of converter operates the environment in the switching frequency of input voltage and 100kHz of 48V. The schematic circuit diagram that the current-doubling commutates the high-current DC-DC

Interlock and connect DC DC converter scheme in parallel
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converter of undervoltage is shown as in Fig. 1, primary side adopts the structure of symmetrical semi-bridge, secondaly side adopts the current-doubling to commutate the structure, SR1 must end when S1 turns on, L1 charges; SR2 must end when S2 turns on, L2 charges, so filtering inductive current will transplant on the Filtering capacitance and superpose. Fig. 2 provides the control strategy of the switch. Can be found out through the above-mentioned analysis, the current-doubling commutates 2 pieces of filtering inductive current of structural secondaly side to superpose on the Filtering capacitance each other, thus make the output current ripple quite small. Synchronous rectifier in the structure drive, deal with according to extra signal, make it become it very much complicated not to control, but simple to use in this kind of semi-bridge topological structure of current-doubling since the driving means is very difficult, because in the structure, fetch appropriate the intersection of point and driving signal in synchronous rectifier in circuit directly, , for zero hour, synchronous rectifier will end as the driving signal within Dead Time. In order to use in the semi-bridge topological structure of current-doubling from the driving means, must use the auxiliary winding. Take single semi-bridge topological structure of current-doubling as examples, see Fig. 3, VSEC is the voltage of secondaly side of the voltage...

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