KMotion Connectors

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Typical current = 0. 7Amps with no user I/O connected. More current may be required dependent on the amount of Digital I/O and Analog +/- 15V consumed by the user. Up to 2 watts of +/-15 volts is generated on board from this 5V supply (most of which is available for external use). 5V @ 2. 5A should be more than sufficient under all conditions. The 1

KMotion Connectors
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2V input is not used internally by the board, but is routed to pins on the 37pin DB Motor connector and the 16 pin Aux Connector for the convenience of the user. 5V power is also routed to the 37pin DB Motor connector, 5V power may be applied at whichever connector is more convenient. This connector is only rated for 6. 5Amps per connection, if more total motor current is required, power should be externally routed to the 37pin DB Supply 0-3 inputs directly. This connector is a standard PC-disk drive power connector which makes it easy to drive the board and small to medium size motors (< 12V) with an inexpensive PC power supply and very few external connections. Simply plug the PC power supply here, jumper the +12V signals on the DB37 Pin connector to the desired motor supply inputs, and connect your motors. The KMotion motion control board is basically a 4 axis Motor controller that consists of 8 full bridge drivers (see figure 1). A full bridge driver is able to apply a positive or negative voltage to a load using only a single positive supply. The load is connected across the OUTA and OUTB terminals. The 8 full bridge drivers are grouped into 4 pairs, where a pair of full bridge drivers are associated with a motor axis. This is because some types of motors (stepper motors or 3-phase motors require more than a single full bridge to drive them). Each axis (and pair of full bridge drivers) share a common power supply pin,...

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