KN-Q7 Accessories

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Accessories built so far include a linear power supply, a switchmode power supply, a tuning aid, and a headset. An antenna tuner and SWR meter will be described later. In order to operate the new transceiver, I needed a power supply. I began by building a power supply with a linear regulator, and later, I modified a laptop power supply. The detail

KN-Q7 Accessories
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s are described below. A tuning aid to help adjusting a manual antenna tuner is also described in detail here on my website. I hope to add some details of my new antenna tuner, complete with it`s simple SWR meter, soon. As you might expect, I have several power supplies that have more than enough capacity to power my new KN-Q7 transceiver. However, my largest power supply is normally connected to my main 100W PEP SSB transceiver. It is capable of 20A and more, but it`s not easy to connect other equipment to it. I also have a smaller 8A power supply, but I use this to power some other VHF and UHF transceivers. The design is simple and well-proven although it varies from the traditional approach to allow the 2N3055 to be directly mounted on the chassis or heatsink without the usual insulating washer I had a really cheap 12V car battery charger in the workshop which I thought could be easily modified to make a suitable power supply. I quickly discovered that the charger`s transformer was not quite able to supply the transceiver`s peak current load, even though the charger was rated at 2. 5A continuous operation! I also found that the cheap charger transformer induced some low level hum into the transceiver when I sat the transceiver on top of the supply. Fortunately, I had a transformer in my box of bits which I had salvaged a year or two back from an old stereo/CD audio system. These consumer products seem to have a lifetime...

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