Kapanadze 2

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

the dc/dc converter is 110/220->12v not the other way. so the 12V takes the place of the battery, this comes from L4 (what you have marked L3) on t1 there`s really 4 windings, the 4th goes to the top GEN2 (you have 2 gen2`s) The pulse generators are running on 5V, the power transistors in nanopulser are switching 150V, another 150V from same inver

Kapanadze 2
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ter transformer goes into output coil. The nanopulser is locked into inverter`s phase so it does not spit out random pulses. Also G G 202 diode there is doing same function as spark gap in Tesla coil. According to the attached schematic (which is identical to your but translated to english), the transistor Q3 will invert the output of the NAND Gates in Integrated Circuit U3. Its very easy to assemble system 1:1, sure need correct some mistakes (for ex. not connect gate of IRF460 with 3100pF input cap. directly to TL494 outputs). But in result for sure nothing will work.

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