LED light

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Wanted the flashlight to be squat so I could hold it in my mouth, throw it in mypocket, and lay it on a surface with the beam shootingup. I wanted to build it for about $15, which was around 1/4 what they were selling for when I started the project. Prices dropped. When the Dorcy 41-4262 got down to $20 and lithium batteries got down to $1. 50, it didn`t make sense to build my own flashlight. So I bought the

LED light
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Dorcy and published a link page: what I bought, how it performs, a collection of the led circuit references that I collected before I decided to buy. Then pretty decent looking multiple-led flashlights started appearing. I bought one and found it looked good and worked good, but had some problems with consistant light output. I had no time to play with a circuit design, so I just used it. When the price of a 9-LED flashlight got down to $4. 50 including shipping, It was time to play. At that price, about the price of a magazine at the news stand, a failed project is disposable. This flashlight met one of my design criteria; I can throw it in my pocket. It is too heavy to hold in my mouth, but I can do it better than with a Maglite. It puts out a nice spot beam and is good for searching out things in tight places. You can balance it so it shoots the light upward, But, the little rubber switch cover on the end doesn`t quite get below the metal surface and the flashlight is not stable aimed upward. I am still on my first battery so I can`t comment about light output as the battery discharges. So why am I overall satisfied with it A second review gives the numeric details and also concludes that it is a good performer. The second review states that the flashlight is unregulated, which I think is a little mis-leading. True, the dc-to-dc inverter is not a true regulator, but it does keep the light output above 50% of maximum...

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