LED3X Solar Tracker Assembly

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The above table is useful to determine the capabilities of the MOSFETs for the various versions. However, the connectors I have used on the LED3X `c` series is not rated for such high currents on a continuous basis. The connector is technically rated for 7 amps continuous. I find that 10 amps is not to excessive if done intermittently and much hig

LED3X Solar Tracker Assembly
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her currents if the the pulses are short. An experiment I have done was to drive a 12V automotive door window motor. This motor draws about 4 amps at 13. 8V. I raised the voltage to 44V with a pulse width of about 1 second out of a cycle time of 18 seconds. The peak current into the motor is 55 amps @ 1/2 second! Everything remained reasonably cool. Cool huh! The LED3X series Tracker PC boards uses through hole parts. These components are easier to assemble than the surface mount parts on the previous LED3 tracker. The assembly should be done in the specific order outlined to minimize the risk of damage to the circuits in case there are solder shorts or misplaced components. The components in this circuit are susceptible to damage through static discharges. Use normal static discharge prevention techniques such as a grounded workbench, soldering iron, and personal grounding wrist straps. Also the large mounting hole is connected to the negative power terminal and should be the first point touched when handling the circuit until the connector is installed which can then be the first thing touched. When I say to "Tack Solder" this means to solder one lead of a component on the top side of the board. I have arranged all the components so one easily accusable lead is always on the end closest to the mounting hole. The components are small and light and one can`t turn the board over unless tack soldered because they will fall...

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