LM3876 - High-Performance 56W Audio Power Amplifier with Mute

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Air-cored inductor L1 consists of 13 turns of 1mm dia. enamelled copper wire with an inner diameter of 10mm. The completed inductor is pushed over R7 and its terminals soldered to those of the resistor. All electrolytic capacitors must be mounted upright. The amplifier can be muted with a single-pole switch connected to the MUTE input (pin8). This

LM3876 - High-Performance 56W Audio Power Amplifier with Mute
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function is enabled when the switch is open. If muting is not required, solder a wire bridge across the mute terminals on the board. The R6-C6 is not normally required in this application, but provision has been made for it for use in other applications. According to the manufacturers, both chips are optimalized for a load of 8 Ohm. The output power is lower when a 4 Ohm load is used or when the supply voltage is reduced. When a 4 Ohm load is used, the SPIKE protection becomes active when the supply voltage is about 27V, resulting a in a reduction of the power output to 10W. This means that it is not advisable to use loudspeaker with an impedance <>

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