Low Cost Analog to Digital circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Collecting and storing experimental data is a common challenge for hobbyists. A popular approach is to use a device for converting analog data into digital data and storing the information on a computer. These devices are called A/D converters: an abbreviation for analog to digital. There is a wide variation in prices for A/D converters and most a

Low Cost Analog to Digital circuit
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re expensive. Since hobbyists are usually on a limited budget, we describe here a simple and low cost method to build a basic A/D converter using a single off-the-shelf IC that can be read using a computer`s serial port. (In a hurry to get started You can purchase the A/D chip for this project already programmed and ready to use. see below. ) This simple circuit for building an A/D converter uses a PICAXE-08M chip. The PICAXE chip is a microcontroller with numerous useful features, including a 10 bit analog to digital converter. The PICAXE chip also has a serial communication feature which can transmit data directly into a PC`s serial port. With only 4 lines of simple computer code (shown below) the microcontroller can be programmed to perform continuous analog to digital conversions and transmit the numerical result once per second. The nonvolatile memory of the PICAXE chip allows the program to be stored indefinitely, and it will recommence whenever 5VDC power is applied. Note that this circuit is intended for connection directly to the serial port of a standard PC computer. The circuit diagram shows the serial port connections as you view the connector on the computer. The only additional items required are two resistors and a 5VDC power supply. The 5V supply is for the IC power and it also forms the reference for the analog to digital conversion. As you probably know, 5 VDC is available inside a modern computer. for...

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