M15m Tracking Transmitter

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The M15m Tracking Transmitter is a modified version of the M15 Animal Tracking Transmitter. It has been designed to be used on 147. 460 MHz using an inexpensive 49. 152 computer crystal and for printed circuit board construction. The M15m transmitter is a crystal controlled on-off-carrier (OOC) transmitter designed for model rockets but suitable for

M15m Tracking Transmitter
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wildlife, balloons and many other applications requiring a small, frequency stable transmitter. The transmitter works best with a receiver that has CW mode, however an FM receiver or scanner can be used if it has a S meter which can be observed during operation. Transmitter ground range is approximately 400 yards (5 feet above ground)*. Battery life is approximately 30 days of continuous operation. Air to ground transmission range can be substantially greater than ground-to-ground range. Also the range can be increased significantly by using a directional high gain antenna or a more sensitive receiver. Field tests and range measurements were done with a ICOM IC-W32A transceiver with 0. 16 micro volts of receiver sensitivity through the standard 8 inch antenna. 30 days (#394, 1. 5 volt silver oxide watch battery) Recommended Receiver requirements: 144. 455 - 147. 460 MHz. , 0. 16microvolts sensitivity or better CW mode preferred for audio or can use S-meter on FM radio, 2-meter amateur radio, and some scanners. Receiver Antenna: directional antenna recommended but not required. Other: Knowledge of radio direction finding The transmitter is a crystal controlled 147. 460 MHz transmitter. The transmitter turns on and off at a ½ to 1 second interval. The circuit is designed to use a low cost computer crystal  49. 39 Mhz (3rd over tone), However, custom crystals can be used if other frequencies are desired. If other frequencies...

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