MUTS Multi-Target Development System

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The following describes the design, construction, operation and use of the Multiple Target Developent System (MUTS). The MUTS consists of a Target board (Target) that can connect to a Silicon Laboratories (SL) Debug Adaptor to program the Target board with the SL Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Thus, the Target can be used as the main pr

MUTS Multi-Target Development System
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ocessor in a project but applications can be developed while the Target is connected to the IDE. The MUTS Target board supports several Silicon Laboratories microprocessors with 32-pin LQFP phsical packages and compatible pin configurations such as the C8051F361 and C8051F310. The MUTS Target boards are used in several of our projects. Completed Target boards, populated with a C8051F361 chip, are shown in Photo 1 (above) and in Photo 2. Photo 1 shows revision 3 of the board which, in addition to the connector for the C2 programming adapter, has a second connector for serial connections. Photo 2 shows revision 2 of the board that has only a connector for a C2 programming adapter on one end of the board. Revision 3 of the board is now shipped with all Target board orders. The primary use of the Target board is to provide a reasonably small board that can be used to mount the processor chip, regulator, crystal, programming connector and a serial port connector. The board also provides access to all I/O ports, 3. 3 Volt regulated power and the reset pin. Because of its dual-inline physical format, it can be easily plugged into a breadboard socket or plugged into tenth-inch spaced sockets mounted on a perforated project board. Thus, the Target board provides all of the facilities and connections needed for project development. Photo 3 shows a 361 Target board plugged into a hand-wired test fixture used for in-house verification...

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