Magneto Coil Points Headlamp Horn wiring diagram

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Timed precisely with the pistons` pumping, this component works with the ignition coil to create the voltage jump that causes the spark in the spark plug. Engine Cut Out Switch - Essentially an emergency button, when pressed, this provides a route to ground so that current stops flowing through the contact breaker and the ignitio

Magneto Coil Points Headlamp Horn wiring diagram
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n coil, ending the sparking mechanism. At a general level, the ignition system must generate a high voltage spark several hundred times a second at exactly the right time in the engine cycle. Creating a spark across the gap in the spark plug requires about 10, 000 volts. Our system must be able to repeat this several million times without maintenance and in a variety of conditions. Our system is called an Energy Transfer Ignition System and consists of an alternator, ignition coil, points, points cam, capacitor, and spark plug. Where other systems use a battery and must then use a rectifier to covert the AC current generated by the alternator to DC current, our system operates entirely on AC current. (More details about other systems below) The alternator consists of a rotor and stator windings. The rotor is a six-pole magnet which spins and, through electromagnetic induction, generates current in the six stator windings. The ignition coil is a step-up transformer which generates the high voltage necessary for the spark plug. Voltage generated by the alternator flows through the primary coil of the transformer.

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