Module Project Template

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This device has been designed as an example application of an expandable system of modules for building mobile robots following the standards set out in the discussion on the Society Of Robots forum. These modules can be connected to each other using an i2c bus and Master modules like this one can also be connected via a UART to a wide variety of

Module Project Template
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equipment. (eg, PC serial and USB ports. ) This particular module acts as a Master node on the i2c bus and has one UART which can be connected to a PC serial port or USB port with the addition of a simple level shifter. With a little configuration and editing of the local_function in main. c the logic of the AVR ATmega8 I/O pins can be changed on the local module or any similar module connected to the i2c bus. All available I/O on the ATmega8 has been brought out to header pins making this a good platform for testing firmware for new module designs before thy have been built. This is *not* recommended as your first microcontroller project though. The additional complexity of an i2c networked microcontroller project puts it beyond the scope of novice builders. If on the other hand you have sucsessfuly built and programmed a microcontroller board in the past this module (and the other modules to come in the series) may be just what you are looking for. Welcome. You will need to be able to read a circuit diagram, source and purchase the parts, either make your own PCB or use some alternative (eg. stripboard), compile and upload the firmware to the microcontroller. If you have not done *all* of these tasks at some point in the past we recommend a simpler project, or at least wait until there a few finished module designs out there. As this is a template module rather than a finished one you will also have to do a little C...

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