Functional Block Diagram for AD524 pin and internal circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

AD524 low-drift (drift voltage 0.5mV, maximum drift 25 mV door C), low noise (0.3mVp p, 0.1-10Hz), good linearity ( 0.0030/0, a gain of l), high CMRR (120dB) gain bandwidth of

Functional Block Diagram for AD524 pin and internal circuit
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25MHz, stepper adjustable gain (gain 1,10,100,1000), output slew rate of 5V/ms precision instruments put amplifier. Power supply range is (6 ~ 18V). The pin and internal circuit functional block diagram in Fig. 10 - 10. AD524 internally by input protection, output amplification recognize the difference between sub-gain instrumentation amplifier and setting circuit, and the like. Signal after, pin input is first pre-release, and then by the differential instrument is an amplified output from a feet., ?, ? feet respectively connection feet, accurately set the internal amplifier gain set to 10, 100, when not connected to a gain of foot 1. In addition, these pins or re-train people in resistance when, ? pin feedback input resistor is connected, can be adjusted gain of the amplifier. Therefore, AD524 is a gain adjustment of non- regular convenient instrumentation amplifier.

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