Monitoring Voltages with Scaling Circuits

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

I am using the UCD90124/A, among other things, to monitor multiple voltages. Several of these are > 2. 5v so I have scaling circuits so as not to violate the 2. 5v max on the Mon inputs. My question is, do I enter the raw voltage values in Fusion for such things as over/under voltage fault/warning or do I use the scaled values Are there provisions

Monitoring Voltages with Scaling Circuits
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within Fusion to enter the scaling factors Enter the actual raw values into Fusion. You then set the "gain" and "offset" values in Fusion on the "Other Config" tab. For example, if your external voltage divider is a divide by 2 (0. 5), then you enter 0. 5 for Vout Scale Monitor on the other config tab for the subject rail. I have a question on the setting up "Vout scale monitor" and "Vout Cal monitor". I am monitoring a -5. 2V power rail with UCD90120A device. The Vin to UCD90120A is scaled down with 6. 04K and 8. 25K resistors (other end of the divider tied with +12V). How do I monitor the setting up the scale parameters on this scanario My first suggestion would be using an inverting Op amp between the negative rail and the UCD so that the monitoring input to the MON pin of the sequencer would be the Op amp output which is a positive voltage. I have the same question as the original post but I will elaborate more I have a 12v rail and a 1v rail I want to feed the 1v rail directly into the ADC and the 12v rail divided down. How do I enter in the scaling for EACH rail (no scaling on 1v rail and 1/6 scaling on the 12v rail). I only see one scale entry. Surely you dont want me to divide the 1v rail down to 1/6 as well All my thresholds will be in the noise. 2. Now click on the `Other Config` tab, and scroll down to the "Scaling" section. The "Vout Scale Monitor" is the scaling factor that will be applied to the rail you...

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