Motorola MaxTrac Radius and GM300 Series Introductory Information

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This page is oriented towards the USA marketed radios, simply because it was compiled by USA residents; we described the radios we are familiar with. If anyone would care to share information on the non-USA radios we`d be happy to add them on this page, or even create a region-specific page. The MaxTrac, Radius and GM300 series fathered additional

Motorola MaxTrac Radius and GM300 Series Introductory Information
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radio designs that are/were sold all over the world, and the products were customized for the local marketplace with region-specific model numbers. As one example the UK/European region has models that are never seen in the USA (like the GM900), and the Australian market has models that are never seen in Europe or the USA. As one specific example of non-local radios, Moto Australia makes 64channel Radius mobiles and 16channel GP300 handhelds that cover 220-240MHz for the Asian market (specifically the Philippines). Those radios would be very popular in the USA Amateur market for the 219-225Mhz band. If anyone has a way to bring them into the USA, even in small quantities, that would be interesting as well. just contact the author. 1) No matter WHAT the model tag says, no MaxTrac, Radius, M-series or GM300 mobile will ever operate over the entire frequency range listed on its model tag/label. Each unit will do only a portion of that model tag frequency spread, called a "split", a "bandsplit" or a "range". This is due to the design, and the design follows the laws of physics. In short, if you buy the wrong range radio for your application (one example is a GM300 built for 490-520MHz and you want to use it on a 462MHz GMRS frequency) you will have a nice doorstop. It is not practical to range-change a MaxTrac, Radius, or GM300 series radio. On the MaxTrac (which includes the Maxtrac 50 and Maxtrac 300 models), the Radius...

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