My genelec 1031A pops when I turn it on ?

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

All of the above would be internal hardware issuesa. Still, there is a possible fix; though not quick-n-easy and neither is there a workaround. The unit would have to be opened up for visual inspection, voltage measurements, confirm fault and effect repairs. Offhand, are you then considering a DIY (do-it-yourself) repair approach Are you familiar

My genelec 1031A pops when I turn it on ?
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with electronic components, have access to / comfortable in the use of a multimeter and perhaps even a soldering iron/hot-air station Offhand and after a review of the schematics/Service Manual, likely suspects would be muting circuitry that kicks in when turning the amplifier on or off as described below. Both transistors are tied to the audio feed line; T101 for the tweeter amp and T102 for the woofer amp. On turning on, there is a momentary small voltage on the base of both transistors. This "spike" makes the collector-emitter conduct. The collectors are tied to the ground. What happens then is that the audio feedline is temporarily grounded. The "pop" is then not amplified hence not heard on the tweeter nor the woofer. If there is a"pop" heard on the woofer, then T102 is not momentarily acting when the Genelec is turned on. The only voltage that may be measured would be on the base when the speaker is being turned on. It is supplied through resistor R126 as supplied by the collector of T12. No speakers would not affect the voltage measurements but it would be preferable that they be connected so as to put a load on the amps. Or even consider using low © / high wattage resistors That it is likely that both tweeter and woofer have the same issue and that there was voltage measured at the base of the transistor, then it would be back to the T12 circuitry. The simplest approach to check capacitor for leaks would be with...

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