Numerical control UPS uninterrupted power system technological principle and typical application

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Traditional UPS adopts the circuit control of simulation, as to manufacturer and user, no matter accuse of technology or SPWM technology, there is a great deal of limitation in analog control. With the development of information technology, high-speed digital signal processing chip Digital Signal Processor, DSP Appearance, what has been is it digit

Numerical control UPS uninterrupted power system technological principle and typical application
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ized to made be applied in broader electric controlled field control possibility, also become one of the main development trends. There is support of the high-speed digital signal processing chip, adopt the digitized control strategy not merely with the relevant problems in better settlement UPS power analog control, and increased some control function very difficult to realize in UPS power analog control, its main application advantage is as follows, 1Digitization can adopt advanced control method and intellectual control strategy to control, make the intelligent intensity of UPS higher, the characteristic is perfect. The intelligent control has represented automatically controlled newly developing stage, has inherited the thoughtcast of determining the nature, turning into structure, adaptation etc. of the human brain, also brought new vigor to electric electronic control. Under the high-frequency switch working state, the model of the inverter is complicated further, this is that it is difficult that there is the one that controls the result well in analog control or classical control theory, and adopt the advanced, intelligent digital control strategy, can improve the performance index of the system fundamentally. 2It is flexible to control, the convenience of system upgrade, even can revise the control algorithm online, needn`t change the circuit of the hardware. The control scheme of the numerical control system...

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