Open Source USB Generic HID devices based on the PIC18F and Windows

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

If you`ve dabbled with PIC18F microcontrollers and the USB Generic HID standard before (perhaps you`ve even tried my Building a PIC18F USB device project) then you will have noticed that there is a lot of complexity in supporting USB on both the PIC18F and the Windows host-side of things. Getting beyond the basic steps of reading a switch and flashing an LED (how many

Open Source USB Generic HID devices based on the PIC18F and Windows
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projects have you built to flash LEDs !) is actually quite a large task with a steep learning-curve. To make things easier on the hobbyist who wishes to delve into more exciting projects, I`ve developed a framework for producing USB devices which covers both the Windows host-side application development and the PIC18F firmware itself. The framework consists of a Visual Studio C# class library (which handles all of the intricacy of dealing with the Windows specific SDKs and operating system requirements), a windows reference application (which demonstrates how to use the class library and acts as a testing front-end for the library), a simple USB hardware reference design and (last but not least!) a PIC18F4550 firmware which communicates with the class library. In essence this means that you can rapidly develop and test a USB device and the Windows host-application with a minimum of USB Generic HID protocol knowledge. The class library gives you a very simple interface to the USB device from C# and the firmware serves as an example of how to create the specific software needed on the PIC for your device design. The framework includes the ability to pass commands and responses to and from the USB device as well as bi-directional bulk-transfer of data allowing you to build more complex data-capture applications which require more information to be passed quickly from host to device and vice-versa. Version 3 of the USB library...

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