Arduino project

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Many educational haptic feedback devices use kinesthetic force feedback devices such as the Novint Falcon and the Phantom Omni. Although these devices are relatively cheap compared to other high end haptic feedback devices, they are still expensive for educational purposes. Our team has therefore decided to develop an affordable vibrotactile hapti

Arduino project
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c device that can be used as an education tool for augmenting teaching of various disciplines through the use of haptics. The device must be generic enough such that it can be used in many different educational situations. Our team`s intention to use vibrotactile feedback is motivated by the fact that vibrotactile feedback devices had been used in real-world applications such as medical catheter teleoperator, gaming controller, and mobile phones with considerable success. In addition, vibrotactile feedback devices are generally less complex and cheaper compared to kinesthetic feedback devices, which makes it suitable for use in the education field. Many haptics applications have been designed for teaching scientific concepts in the educational field. For example, [1] and [2] use the Phantom Omni haptic device together with detailed molecular simulation in order to convey chemical bonding information to the user. Similarly, [3] has used the Novint Falcon to allow user to the feel the molecules and their atomic interaction forces. [4] has used haptics to teach mathematical functions to people with vision disabilities, by allowing them to feel the curve and shape of the mathematical functions. Many of the above educational haptics applications rely on commercial products such as the Novint Falcon and the Phantom Omni, Though this product are cheap compared to other high end haptic devices, they still cost from $300 for the...

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