PC Controlled RC Car

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This project article was originally written in 2004 when most computers had parallel ports. This is no longer the case, so much of this information is now outdated. The Mini RC Car Project has been one of my favorites to do. If you haven`t checked that project out, please read through that one before starting on your own. I`ve gotten a few e-mails

PC Controlled RC Car
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

requesting a guide and since the software is done, all that is required is to construct the hardware. This is the second time I`ve done this project, using totally two completely different cars. The remote PCBs (electronics) were almost identical in both, so I`m assuming most all mini rc remotes are very similar, so this guide should be able to apply to all makes and models. In order to get a cable that goes from the back of the remote`s PCB to the computer, we need to make a hole in the remote`s plastic case for the wires to go through. Any size hole will do, as long as it`s big enough for your wires to fit through. Drill the hole closer to the back of the remote, if possible. That just makes it so the cable won`t have to bend as much. Turn over the PCB (printed circuit board). Under each button there are four solder joints. These are actually (2) sets of (2) joints. These are highlighted in the picture on the right. Identify the wire that the negative side of the battery was connected to (see wire indicated in the picture). This will connect to one of the large green areas on the board. For each switch, two of the solder joints will be located in this green region. Leave those joints alone. What we are concerned with, is the positive "side" of the switch. For each switch, you need to identify which side is negative and which is positive. Solder a wire onto each positive side and one wire to a negative terminal (there are...

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