PIC micro Tetris game

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The game Tetris using a PIC16F84 running @ 12MHz. Tetris is an old Russian computer game where you should try to fit in block into a play-field, quite simple but really fun. In my version, the video signal is generated in softw1are. The only hardware used for the video generation is tw1o resistors forming a 2-bit DA converter. Usuallythe video signal is generated in video games is created with a dedicated video chips,

PIC micro Tetris game
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reading the image data from a graphics memory. In this project the video signal is calculated in real-time by the microprocessor as the electron beam sweeps over the screen. The first screen is where you select how you want to play by moving the joystick: DOWN: Human vs. Human (H-H), LEFT: Human vs. Computer (H-C) or RIGHT: Computer vs. Computer (C-C). Start with FIRE. Unfortunately it is impossible to beat the computer, since there was not enough room to make the computer beatable. That makes the computer vs. computer game to play forever until someone reset the game using the reset switch. You start serving by pressing fire, it is also possible to change direction and speed of the ball using fire. The player who has the serve will get points. If the player with the serve miss the ball, then the serve goes over to the other player. When someone wins a game over picture will show and tell who won. With a processor performing 3MIPS, it is not easy to make a video signal in softw1are. Each instruction performed takes 1/3 us. Each scan-line on the screen takes 64us, where 52us are visible, so it gives 52*3=156 visible clock cycles per line. Maximum resolution that can be obtained is 156 pixels in x-axis if the softw1are is setting one pixel per clock (using for example only bcf and bsf), but more is needed to make a game, like loops and such. A loop quantifies the time to 3-clock pieces, giving a resolution of 52 pixels. (One...

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