Piezoelectric Sound

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

In contrast, a piezoelectric sounder (self drive type) consists of only a piezoelectric diaphragm with a feedback electrode. It is used in combination with an external drive circuit. The drive circuit for both of the above is a simple circuit consisting of one transistor and three resistors. When a DC voltage V is applied to the drive circuit, the oscillation conditions in the circuit are satisfied

Piezoelectric Sound
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in the vicinity of the resonant frequency. As a result, the piezoelectric diaphragm is driven at the oscillation frequency, causing it to emit a sound. Regarding the drive circuit for a piezoelectric sounder (self drive type), we set a standard circuit for each product. For details, please refer to our catalog. In contrast to an electromagnetic buzzer which is driven by a current flowing through a built-in electromagnet coil, a piezoelectric sound component is driven by a voltage applied to piezoelectric ceramic. Consequently, it features much lower current consumption than that of an electromagnetic buzzer. The current consumption (excluding that of the peripheral circuit) by a piezoelectric sounder (external drive type) can be calculated simply from the theoretical equation below. When the charging and discharging times of a piezoelectric sounder (external drive type) are significantly smaller than the length of one period of the input signal, the average value of the current which flows into the piezoelectric sounder (external drive type) during a half period can be calculated from the following equation. The average value of the current flowing through the piezoelectric sounder (external excited type), calculated using the above equation for each part No. , is shown in the table below. Provided that you use the product within the range of the maximum input voltage specified for each product, there is no need to take...

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