disposable camera strobe light

Posted on Feb 4, 2013

If you have no idea what is a `strobo`, `strobe`, `stroboscopy` or whatever way it is called, it is simply a flashing light. It is usually used on police cars, 'disco' places and many interesting applications, including scientific ones. This project is dangerous because it implicates high voltages, it can be lethal. Please read the Disclaimer about my articles: Use this material as educational only, do not build this project unless you know what you are doing and under your own risk. What I'm trying to say is: Don't be stupid, you can kill yourself. After using a disposable camera, is possible to remove the film for develoment and use the camera to build an easy, cheap and cool strobe light.

disposable camera strobe light
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disposable camera strobe light - image 1
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disposable camera strobe light - image 2
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PARTS NEEDED: 1 Capacitor 2.5uf or 4.7uF, 350 Volts. 1 Scr 2N5064 or any 800mA 400V SCR 1 Switch (optional) First, The cover need to be removed, the battery and the film. To revome the film, open the botton side of the camera. Second, The front plastic cover needs to be removed, it have some "clips" and no screws are used. DO NOT TOUCH ANY ELECTRONIC COMPONENT, BE CAREFUL. The capacitor may have high voltage. AGAIN, DO NOT TOUCH THE CAPACITOR AREA. Do not touch THE CIRCUIT AREA, in fact, DO NOT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS HERE INDICATED. Before we continue with this projects, We need to be sure the capacitors have no charge. The SCR is a diode triggered by a positive signal in the gate. The Flash is triggered by a pulse coming from the NEON lamp. The neon lamp have an interesting characteristic (and an interesting glowing also). This gas conducts electricity IF the voltage is greater than 75 volts, so when the capacitor charges, the voltage rises until the neon conducts the electricity that triggers the SCR. This oscillator is know as "relaxation oscillator".

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