Posted on Feb 6, 2014

A cellular rotary phone - the dialing takes forever! And here in Colorado - on a 10-digit dialing system - you don`t dare mess up the number. Where do you even buy a rotary phone these days Oddly enough, there are quite a few phones on Froogle that had push buttons within the faux rotary face. That won`t do. How about the Senior Store ! No really - they sell rotary phones for seniors.

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Cool, but $49. 95 is a bit too much. BoldOldPhones is also another great resource for rotary phones. They even have colors! Where else to look Ebay of course! You can find anything! There are quite a few people selling rotarys of different qualities and ages on Ebay. Most are ~$20. We got our 1957 `Automatic Electric Company` rotary phone for $10 + $8 in shipping. Not too shabby. Whoops. The auction alluded to the `original tone ringer` which looks like they meant the phone was upgraded. Oh well - I`ll have to find another rotary with the old bell type ringer for Port-O-Rotary v2. Now those are some components! Time to replace them with technology of the 21st century. I tore the phone apart, wiped everything down with some warm water and elbow grease. On a side note, I think the previous owner was a smoker. Here`s a couple photos of the rotary element up close to help you get an idea of what is going on. Basically, the entire system is just the opening and closing of switches. When you twist the rotary around, nothing much happens. When you let the rotary go, the dial starts turning back to its original position. As it does this, the grey oblong wheel spins once for every two numbers. Two numbers That seems silly. Actually, it makes it very easy. This picture is about as good as it gets and it`s still not very good. You can see the top two paddles slightly further apart. There seems to be some nice liquid gel that is...

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