Portable Battery Charger Using Renewable Energy Sources like Solar or Wind Project

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Every innovations starts from a simple day to day life problem like you watching IPL in TV and suddenly the current shuts off, fortunately you will find another way to watch the match via mobile network. Similarly, I too had faced a problem of frequent drains in mobile battery while travelling There are many innovative projects on wind powered mob

Portable Battery Charger Using Renewable Energy Sources like Solar or Wind Project
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ile charger which looks huge enough to produce 5v dc but they weighs more and bulky. I gathered some information from them for my project and started with a basic 12 volt DC motor. I used it to generate power for my mobile phones, and it ended up with failure. Then I used an feedback amplifier circuit but it was so huge. A Multi-source Pocket Energy Generator(MPEG) is a portable and constant power source that can be utilized anywhere around the world. The world is in demand of proper utilization of renewable sources owing to frequent power failure. The MPEG is the best choice of interest for the utilization of alternate energies, facilitated with high portability. Now my aim is to construct a portable power source that depends on renewable energies with efficient utilization of available resources. The MPEG receives energy from renewable resources like wind or solar energy and convert it into an electrical energy with output 5volt DC. In the absence of any of the above renewable sources, the 5V MPEG can be used with a single 1. 5 volt battery to produce 5V DC output. The problem of bulkiness, armature reaction in mini-wind generator and irregular availability of renewable sources are recovered by using our methodologies. MPEG consists of a power generator, an amplifier circuit and an output port. The power generator may be a wind sourcing DC generator(range may be 1 v to 3 v) or a solar cell of dimension(4cm x 2cm) owing to...

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