Practical Transistor Circuits

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This last article on bipolar junction transistors (BJT) is a potpourri of circuits. Some are practical and some are not so practical, but they can be great for experiments. With these circuits you can amplify signals, filter high and low frequencies, generate white noise, and flash lamps. You can also boost DC voltage levels, locate hidden metal o

Practical Transistor Circuits
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bjects, and detect rising water. One circuit will even demonstrate the fundamentals of lie detection! Today the easiest way to build a low- to medium-power audio amplifier is to pick an integrated circuit (IC) amplifier from a manufacturer`s data book and supplement it with additional components recommended in the applications notes in the data book. However, if you just want to learn amplifier principles by experimentation or you have a simple application in mind, you should build the amplifier with discrete transistors. Figure 1 is a schematic for a general-purpose, low-power, high-gain amplifier based on discrete transistors. A Class-A amplifier, it can drive a load such as a speaker or headset with an impedance greater than 65 ohms. The amplifier draws a quiescent current of about 20 milliamperes. However, this drain can be reduced by increasing the value of R3. Transistors Q1 and Q2 are configured as common-emitter amplifiers; the output of Q1 is directly coupled to the input of Q2. This circuit has an overall voltage gain of about 80 dB. Notice that resistor R3, the emitter load of Q2, is decoupled by capacitor C3 so that the Q2 emitter follows the average collector voltage of Q1. The base bias for Q1 is derived from Q2`s emitter through R2. With this configuration, the bias is stabilized by negative DC feedback. Input potentiometer R4 serves as the circuit`s volume control. Figure 2 is the schematic for a simple,...

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